Edward Goldthorpe's Family

Edward Goldthorpe was the only son of Albert Goldthorpe and Jane Holmes.

Edward Goldthorpe

Young Edward Goldthorpe.

Louisa Goldthorpe

Edward's wife Louisa.

Edward & Louisa Goldthorpe

Edward and Louisa pictured at the wedding of their eldest daughter Audrey.

Audrey Goldthorpe &
Keith Lister

Audrey Goldthorpe pictured in 1946 with her husband Keith Lister.

Joan Goldthorpe &
Denis McGrail

Edward's and Louisa's daughter Joan Goldthorpe pictured in 1948 with her husband Denis McGrail.

Geoff Goldthorpe &
Alma Turver

Edward's and Louisa's son Geoffrey Goldthorpe pictured in 1950 with his wife Alma.