Armley Middle School

Goldthorpe Cup Winners 1987-88

Armley 30 - 4 John Blenkinsop

Armley, having already won the Dorney-Sheppard Cup and the league title, added a third award, when their keen attacking work enabled them to score try after try against a weakened John Blenkinsop team.

The skills of county players Marc Gibson and Andy Corbett were well to the fore for the winners but their expertise has enabled other players to become proficient in the game. As a result there were good displays from Steven Green and Peter North, with Carl Cunningham giving an improved performance and Paul Pritchard showing that lack of size does not mean lack of tackling.

Blenkinsop, although facing a massive onslaught, deserve a great deal of praise for persevering until the final whistle and, in many cases, playing beyond what could be expected of them. Their tackling and fair play were a credit to them and the school and the Armley team had no hesitation in awarding them some very enthusiastic applause at the end of the game.

Thanks to Stephen Boothroyd for this report that was first published in the Yorkshire Evening Post