Leeds Parish Church Team 1893

Leeds Parish Church Team

Photographed outside the south doors of the Parish Church in January 1893.

G Greeenwood (Secretary), H Rushforth (Touch Judge)

Standing : T Stephens, H Roberts, B Dickinson, C Richardson, J Dickinson, G E English, H Goldthorpe (no relation).

Seated : T Ryan, W Lotterington, J Worrall, G E Mosley (Capt) A Newell, A Lorryman, L E Greenwood.

Front : J Oddy.

Comment from Gordon Hodgson re W. Lotterington

"I believe this man was the brother in law of my Great Aunt. She married Charles Henry Lotterington his brother. Lotterington was not a common name in Leeds and as far as I can tell, all of them descended from John Lotterington who moved from Holme on Spalding moor to Leeds around 1855. The full name of W. Lotterington was William Garlick Lotterington and was born 1870 in London while his mother and father ( a hairdresser) was travelling around the country".

Comment from David Huitson re T. Ryan:

"I am compiling a book on the Barrrow rugby club and searching for information about their old players, the gentlemen on the front left, T.Ryan played for Barrow in 1896/7".

Brief History

In 1874 Leeds Parish Church formed a recreation club which played cricket in summer and rugby in winter on its ground at Clarence Field. The parish magazine of 1879 congratulated the players upon the increased skill displayed by them in the rugby game. They had just beaten the town team in Keighley. At this time they were playing such local teams as St Andrew's, Hunslet Albion, Hunslet Excelsior and Leeds Imperial Rovers.

The club disbanded when the lease on its Clarence Road ground expired they Played their last match on Wednesday 24th April 1901 scoring 3 goals and 5 tries against York, winning 21 - 2. The Church team that day was :- Corcoran, Smith, Herberts, Bowen, Fairbairn, Brayshaw, Knight, Agar, Birch, Crumpton, Hewlett, McNicholas, Gardner, Wade, Walker & Wainwright. A number of these players subsequently moved to Headingley.

John Goldthorpe and James Goldthorpe
in the Leeds Parish Church Team 1881