James Goldthorpe's Family

James Goldthorpe was the second son of James Goldthorp and Grace Horn. James married Harriet Holmes and they had two children Cyril and May.

James Goldthorpe, May Goldthorpe
& Harriet Goldthorpe

The photograph above of James with his wife Harriet, daughter May and Spot the dog was taken in the garden of their home sometime in the mid 1930's.

May Goldthorpe, Harriet Goldthorpe
& Cyril Goldthorpe

This photograph taken around 1900 shows Harriet with May and Cyril.

Yorkshire Post 4th May 1918

In June 1921 Cyril Goldthorpe was appointed to the post of Northern Union auditor.

Please see the link below for more information about Cyril Goldthorpe.