Goldthorpe Cup-Winners

The name of Albert Goldthorpe and his family is perpetuated with the annual renewal of the Goldthorpe Cup, the oldest schools rugby league competition in the world.

In 2018 a new Goldthorpe Cup competition contested by girls teams was introduced, details here.

Season Winners Additional Information
2018-19 Corpus ChristiReport and Photo
2017-18 Corpus ChristiReport and Photo
2016-17 CrawshawReport and Photo
2015-16 Corpus ChristiRunners up Temple Moor (18-16)
2014-15 BrigshawRunners up Morley (26-20)
2013-14 Corpus ChristiRunners up Leeds West
2012-13 Corpus Christi Runners up John Smeaton (44-24)
2011-12 John SmeatonReport
2010-11 BruntcliffeRunners up Cardinal Heenan
2009-10PriesthorpeRunners up Bruncliffe
2008-09BruntcliffeRunners up David Young Academy.
2007-08RodillianReport and Photo
2006-07Boston SpaReport
2004-05RodillianSome Results and Draw here
2003-04BrigshawReport and Photo
2002-03Merlyn ReesReport
2001-02MorleyReport and Photo
2000-01BruntcliffeReport and Photo
1999-00BrigshawReport and Photo
1998-99BruntcliffeBrief Comment
1997-98Pudsey GrangefieldRunners up Woodkirk
1996-97Merlyn ReesBrief Comment
1995-96Merlyn ReesRunners up Cockburn (28-18)
1994-95CrawshawRunners up West Leeds (26-22)
1993-94BruntcliffeRunners up Merlyn Rees (16-8)
1992-93Agnes StewartReport
1990-91Hunslet and Woodkirk
1988-99Fir TreeReport
1987-88Armley MiddleReport
1986-87Not Contested
1985-86Not Contested
1984-85Holt ParkReport
1983-84Holt ParkRunners up Middlethorne (26-14).
1982-83St Peter and PaulTeam News
1981-82MiddlethorneRunners up Holt Park (21-6).
1980-81St Peter and Paul
1976-77John Blenkinsop
1975-76Arthur Greenwood
1974-75Arthur Greenwood
1971-72MiddletonBrief Comment
1970-71St Joseph's
1969-70ParksideRunners up Belle Isle (14-12)
1968-69Belle Isle
1967-68ParksideRunners up St Joseph's (17-5)
1966-67Belle IsleRunners up St Joseph's (25-4)
1965-66MiddletonRunners up Belle Isle (11-9)
1964-65Finalists were Belle Isle & Middleton
1963-64Belle Isle
1962-63Belle Isle
1961-62Belle Isle
1959-60MiddletonRunners up Belle Isle
1958-59MiddletonRunners up Bewerley Street
1957-58Hunslet Carr
1956-57Hunslet CarrRunners up St Joseph's
1955-56Hunslet CarrRunners up Middleton
1954-55St Joseph'sRunners up Bewerley St. Photo
1953-54Hunslet CarrRunners up Middleton
1952-53Hunslet CarrPhoto and Brief Comment
1951-52Hunslet C of ERunners up Beeston
1950-51MiddletonRunners up Hunslet Carr (6-3)
1949-50Dewsbury RoadBrief Comment
1948-49Not Contested
1947-48Not Contested
1946-47Not Contested
1939-46-Competition Suspended due to war
1938-39Finalists were Hunslet Carr & Middleton
1937-38Finalists were Hunslet Carr & Middleton
1936-37Finalists were Hunslet Carr & Middleton
1934-35Hunslet CarrRunners up St Joseph's (6-0)
1933-34Hunslet NationalRunners up Hunslet Carr
1932-33Hunslet NationalRunners up Middleton
1931-32Hunslet Carr
1930-31Hunslet CarrRunners up Jack Lane
1929-30Hunslet Carr
1928-29Hunslet CarrNewspaper Comment
1927-28Hunslet Carr
1926-27Hunslet National
1925-26Jack LaneRunners up Hunslet Carr
1924-25Hunslet CarrPhoto
1923-24Hunslet CarrPhoto
1922-23Hunslet Carr
1921-22Hunslet CarrPhoto
1920-21Hunslet CarrPhoto
1919-20BlenheimRunners up Halton
1915-19-Competition suspended due to war
1914-15Bramley National
1913-14Bramley National
1912-13Jack LaneMedal Photos
1911-12Bramley National
1910-11Bramley NationalPhoto
1909-10Bramley NationalRunners up Burley Nat-Medal Photos
1908-09Bramley NationalRunners up Jack Lane
1907-08St Hilda'sReport and Results
1906-07Jack LaneRunners up Cockburn Photo
1904-05Burley LawnRunners up Cockburn Report
1903-04Bramley NationalRunners up Burley Lawn Report
1902-03Hunslet CarrRetrospectively named Goldthorpe Cup

Special thanks to Stephen Boothroyd for providing much of the information on the Goldthorpe Cup pages and also to Peter Todd for his help.