1907 AGM

The report prepared by James Goldthorpe for his first AGM.

Leeds Cricket Football and Athletic
Report and Balance Sheet

The Nineteenth Annual Report of the Directors - 28th June 1907

In presenting this report the directors regret to report a loss of 331pounds 6s 1d on the years's working, due largely to the fact that owing to bad weather the receipts from the Yorkshire County Cricket Club were 391pounds 3s 9d less than the previous season.

Statement of membership for the year ended 30th April 1907.

  Full M'brs Cricket Football Tennis Ath & Cyc Harriers Bowling Total
1907 1667 16 939 180 21 80 415 3318
1906 1697 6 535 126 20 69 293 2746

While there has been a slight decrease in Full Members there has been an increase in sectional members. To put the Company on a sound basis a membership of 2500 is necessary, but in spite of many urgent appeals for better support the membership remains stationary.

The Cricket Club. - Matches have been played by four teams with satisfactory results from a playing point of view. In spite of the lack of public interest in local cricket the loss has been reduced very considerably compared with last year.

The Football Club. - Although the income has been less than usual a profit has been made on the season's working, owing to the rigid economy practised by the committee.

The Lawn Tennis Club. - The membership has again increased and in every way the club has had a successful season.

The Athletic and Cycling Club. - The loss on the year's working is attributable to the very unfavourable weather experienced at the annual sports.

The Harriers' Club. - There is a small loss on the year's working but the interest in the club has been well maintained.

The Bowling Club. - The membership has increased and the club has again experienced a most successful year, due greatly to the enthusiastic committee in charge.

The Directors. - The retiring Directors are Mr W H Maude and Mr F W Lawson as Financial Directors and Mr Tom Coombs as a playing Director, who are eligible for re-election.

The Auditor. - Mr W S Blackburn retires but offers himself for re-election.

By order,

J Goldthorpe

Leeds Cricket Football and Athletic
Notice of AGM