Bramley National School

Goldthorpe Cup Winners 1903-04

The schools union had resolved that the sum of four guineas should be granted for the purchase of two sets of medals for both the winners and runners up, both sets to be of the same value.

The inaugural final was played at Parkside on Thursday 28th April, (6pm). Bramley National defeated Burley Lawn by 14 points to 0. The only score in the first half was a 30 yard drop goal by the skipper Lister. In the second half he also scored a try along with Tindall, (his 80th of the season), Bailey and Child. Both Albert and Walter Goldthorpe were touch judges for the match.

After the game Mr T V Harrison said that the trophy was presented by the Hunslet Club and named after a famous football family not so much for success on the field but because they had been such Gentlemanly and Sportsman like exponents of the game. He then invited Albert's wife Jane to present the Cup to the winners and a new football to the runners up. Mrs Goldthorpe was then presented with a bouquet and Albert, responding on behalf of his wife, compliment the teachers of Leeds for the excellent training the boys had received.

Burley Lawn reached the final having beaten Richmond Hill in a replayed semi-final which had been held at Holbeck on the Monday of the same week.

A visitor to this site has seen a silver pendant inscribed "Goldthorpe Cup 1904"

Goldthorpe Cup

Goldthorpe Cup

Goldthorpe Cup

Bramley National School was just across the road from St Peter's Church. The school played rugby matches in Bramley Park.